June 28, 2022

Level up your workouts! Steph’s tips to KIC’ing it at the gym

Think of KIC as a PT in your pocket, we’re here whenever and wherever you’re ready to KIC it, including the gym! 

KIC’ing it at the gym will help you to take your workout to a whole new level. So, if you’re planning to take on the July STRENGTHEN challenge with Danny, here’s a few reasons why you should think about completing a workout or two each week at your gym.

1. Progressively overload

This is a strength based challenge which means we’re looking to build and maintain muscle. When we work out at home we’re often limited by the equipment we have available to us and this can make it tricky to progressively overload our workouts to help build our strength. By completing a challenge workout at the gym, you can up the ante by incorporating heavier weights and even swapping in a barbell to exercises like hip thrusts, squats and Romanian deadlifts. Long story short, by having a variety of weights and equipment at your finger tips you’re going to be able to increase your strength more easily.

2. Help combat your gym anxiety

Have you ever found yourself heading to the gym without a plan or knowing what you’re doing? I’ve definitely been there. When we do this it can often bring up a bit of anxiety as we feel lost and out of place in turn steering away from wanting to working out at the gym. However, by committing to completing a STRENGTHEN challenge workout at the gym, you are always going in with a plan of attack. This will mean you’re more productive with your time, and you’ll also feel more confident knowing what equipment you need and how and where you’ll need to set yourself up.

3. There are professionals to help you with form

We forget that the gym staff are there to help and make our time at the gym better. Those amazing humans are most often trained professionals and super knowledgeable, so make the most of them! So if you’re wanting to try a barbell squat during this challenge or if you’re wanting someone to check your sumo deadlift form the gym – ask! This will not only help you to feel more under control and comfortable but will also enable you to get the most out of this challenge.

4. Keeping you accountable

When you workout at the gym, you’ve got to take into account your travel time and build it into your day. This often means that you’re going to set aside a specific time for your workout, and won’t put it off by procrastinating around the house! Doing this is going to make your workout feel more like a non-negotiable appointment or a meeting in your day and will help to keep you more accountable throughout the challenge.

Steph Claire Smith