November 29, 2023

Laura’s Tool Kit To Reduce Stress This Silly Season

As the calendar inches towards the end of the year, if you’re like me, you may be feeling overwhelmed/more stressed than usual. The culmination of work deadlines, holiday preparations, and family/social commitments can create a whirlwind of emotions and pressure.


Sometimes the stress seeps into other aspects of our lives affecting our mood, productivity, and overall mental health. It’s during these times that prioritising my mental and emotional well-being becomes crucial. Whilst, it may be hard to find the time, even just 5 minutes of prioritising you can make a difference.

If you’re looking for some guidance or insight into how I manage stress and take back control, then you’ve come to the right place. Of course, everyone is different and you have to do what works best for you – but here are some tips and tricks that have helped me!


No surprises here…Running has become my sanctuary, my meditation in motion. With my back injury I was unable to complete the KICRUN Club journey, which was sad for me as I find it so motivating knowing we are all doing it together. Now that I have recovered, I am so excited to be back on it with you guys. Whenever I have a busy day ahead, I’ll always try to make time for a run in the morning to set myself up for the day with a clear mind.


Another game changer is HIIT. Not only does it get the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing, but the short bursts of energy act as a release and a chance to get those negative feelings out of the mind and body. Even 5-10 minutes will do the trick! Brooke’s 10-minute Booty Band Pump’ is a short & sweaty session I know I can count on.

Mind & Body Pilates

Pilates isn’t just a physical exercise – it’s a mindful practice that intertwines breath, movement, and mental focus. The controlled movements paired with conscious breathing allows my body and mind to feel grounded and present, putting the stressful feelings on hold. If you’re looking for a new flow to try, Christina’s 15-minute Restoring Full Body Flow’ is great for the body and soul.


Whilst running is my form of meditation,  I also like to take a minute to close my eyes and feel grounded. Whether I’m following a guided meditation on the Kic app or simply finding a quiet space to sit in silence, a few minutes of calm has helped me learn to acknowledge my thoughts without letting them overpower me. If you’re new to meditation, our 5-minute ‘Exploring the Breath’ is a great place.


Switching off Social Media

This is easier said than done and I love engaging with you guys, our wonderful Kic community but I think we can all agree that social media can be overwhelming at times. The constant influx of information can add to the pressure load. Even taking a few hours off in the afternoon to stay focused and present can have a huge impact!

Prioritising Quality Sleep

This is a tricky one as stress can make us feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done which can lead to us compromising on sleep. As tempting as it can be to finish off those emails in bed, I’ve realised that sacrificing sleep exacerbates stress and reduces my ability to deal with daily challenges.