October 20, 2021

Laura Answers Your KICRUN Questions

So, you’ve been thinking about giving KICRUN a go but you’re not sure if it’s right for you or where to start? To help, I’ve answered some of the most common questions when it comes to KICRUN…

1. I haven't run before, is KICRUN for me?

KICRUN is absolutely for anyone who has the ability to run! The program is here to guide you from 0-5km, no matter what your fitness level. If you’ve never run before or are struggling to get back into it, I’ll will be in your ears motivating you with audio tips and encouragements during each run. You’ve got this! 

2. Do I have to start from Week 1, Run 1?

If you are finding the program easy, you can remove weeks 1 and 3 to make it a 6 week program, or 1, 3 and 4 to make it a 5 week program.

Just be mindful to trust the process and remember that we are building up gradually so that you don’t overload. It’s better to skip a week, rather than start to skip individual runs because the week’s are designed specifically for load management.

3. I can already run 2 - 3km, what week should I start with?

If you are already comfortably running up to 3km, you can definitely jump ahead to week 4 or 5.

Remember, this is your journey and if you feel you are ready for a challenge you can definitely trial an alternative session from a later week but take it easy and be gentle with yourself – you don’t want to push yourself. This program is all about steady progression to reach your goals.

4. Do I have to start KICRUN at the same time as everyone else?

Great news, no! Our KICRUN program is here to stay! Meaning that whenever you are feeling up to the challenge you can head to the Run Hub and get started!

5. What KIC exercises should I do to support my running training?

Including strength sessions and Pilates flows will help look after your strength and flexibility and ultimately enhance your running performance! We recommend including two strength Masterclasses or Pilates classes that work your core and lower body each week. Getting your zen and stretch on with a yoga flow once a week will do wonders for your running too! Check out our blog on our favourite Masterclasses to support your KICRUN training.

6. How often should I be running?

You should aim to have one day off in between your runs to ensure your muscles are able to rest and recover. In saying this, the most important thing is to tune in and listen to your body. If you’re only able to complete 2 runs one week please don’t sweat, KICRUN can be completed in your own time. It’s your challenge. 

7. What if I'd like to run 4 times per week?

We recommend repeating the easiest run in the program for that week, rather than jumping ahead to the next week’s runs.

8. Where can I find KICRUN in app?

To access the program head to the run hub by clicking the running person at the bottom of your main menu. From here you can choose to start a run or select the run program to pick your week and session. Completed runs will appear with a tick once finished.

9. How do I know when my body is telling me to slow down?

I’ve asked KICRUN’s expert physio Hannah Drysdale has helped out with this question… Sometimes the signs that we are pushing ourselves a bit past our limit are clear – you will feel tired, you’ll be yawning, it will be difficult to get out of bed, you won’t feel like exercising. However, sometimes the signs are not so obvious. You may still have plenty of energy (aka, running on adrenaline) but find that you are a little irritable, off your food, not sleeping well or lacking your usual enthusiasm. Your muscles may start to feel weaker and your legs may feel heavy, you can even start to feel physically unwell. When embarking on a new exercise program, we expect to feel some changes, but these should only last a couple of weeks before your body adapts to the new routine. If you find that you feel ‘off’ in any way for more than 2-3 weeks, then your program may need to be adapted to suit you more personally.

Laura Henshaw