March 15, 2023

KICRUN explained! Everything you need to know

We are SO pumped to announce that the KICRUN Club is BACK!

No matter where you are on your running journey – if you have never run before or if you run on the reg – the KICRUN Club is for you. We start on Monday 27 of March, and you can sign up today!

Now, you may have a few questions about KICRUN… Like, how does it even work? And what if I can’t start on the 27th of March, but still want to do KICRUN? And what are these app updates everyone’s talking about and what do I need to do?

We get it, there’s A LOT. So, let’s break it down!

How does KICRUN work?

Whether you’re learning to run, ready to take your running to the next level or even if you’re training for a half marathon, our audio-guided KICRUN Programs will help you achieve your running goals, where you will gradually increase your running time and distance with 3 runs per week, over 8 weeks.

Choose between 3 programs, 0-5km, 5-10km and our brand NEW 21km program for those wanting to go even further. Developed by our expert Physios, these audio guided Programs will have our co-founder Laura Henshaw cheering you on every step of the way. Before you know it, you’ll see just how powerful your mind is and how strong your body can be.

We also recommend complementing your KICRUN Program with your choice of Masterclasses. For example, outside of the days you are running, you could opt for something gentle like a Mind & Body Pilates class with Christina, or follow a Strength & Conditioning session with Danny to strengthen up those muscles that help you run! Or if you’re after a different kind of challenge, you could try a Cardio Barre Pilates workout with Kika. Our expert Physiotherapists from Upwell Health Collective say low impact workouts help us to gain strength and improve endurance. Just remember to always listen to your body and not overdo it!

Do I have to start my KICRUN Program on the 27th of March?

We’d LOVE you to join our KICRUN Club, but totally understand that not everyone is able to due to other commitments. That’s why our KICRUN Program is available at all times, and will be ready when you are. Start today, start tomorrow, start next month or start whenever suits you! The purpose of our KICRUN Club starting on Monday 27th of March, is to be a safe and motivational space for the KIC Squad to start together, and support one another over 8 weeks, because we know we’re stronger when we’re in it together.

PLUS, when you sign up to the KICRUN Club and complete your 8 Week Program, you’ll go in the draw to WIN 1 of 10 pairs Hoka Clifton running shoes thanks to Style Runner. We also have 100 pairs of limited edition KIC socks to give away!

What are the new app updates, and what do I need to do?

  • A NEW 10-21km Program option! (in addition to 0-5km and 5-10km Programs)
  • You will be able to add, view and track your KICRUN progress via the schedule in your ‘You’ profile
  • View your previous runs in your planner to check your pace, time and distance covered
  • Pause, restart or end your KICRUN Program whenever you want, for when life gets a little busy!

There’s not much else you need to do, other than to remember update your KIC app on Sunday 26 of March and make sure your subscribed to KIC, before launch on Monday 27 March! This will ensure you can make the most out of your KICRUN experience.

Here’s how to add KICRUN to your profile:


  • Sign up to a KICRUN program the same way you sign up to a normal Program, via the ‘You’ Profile, Explore or Track!
  • Select the days you want to complete your runs, so they appear in your Planner
  • Completed runs appear in your Planner and you can track your progress
  • View your KICRUN schedule via the ‘You’ profile, if you ever want to complete a run before or after the day its allocated

FINALLY, a few handy hints from us!


  • You can only enrol in 1 KICRUN Program at a time (this doesn’t impact your other KIC Programs)
  • You can still follow your other KIC Programs along with your KICRUN Program, however we do recommend considering pausing said program.
  • If you’re currently in the middle of a KICRUN Program, all your progress will be transferred into the new Program set up!

New to KIC? Join us and start with our 7 Day Free Trial!