February 25, 2022

KICFIT Challenge: Week5

It’s the second last week of the challenge. We are SO close now! We wanted to give you a gentle reminder about rest. Rest is just as important as movement. When you allow yourself time to rest, you’re able to better combat any stresses and you give yourself a chance to relax and make more out of the times that you do move my body and harness your brain power. 


MONDAY: Full Body Domination

Get to know all your muscle groups with this total body domination workout! Round 1: AMRAP with sumo squats, single leg hip thrusts & box jumps. Round 2: 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest with shoulder press, low range lateral raises, top range lateral raises, front raises & supermans. Finish strong with 10 minutes of 45 seconds on, 15 rest with squats, push ups, reverse lunges, planks, hip thrusts, bent over rows, hamstring hip raises, L raises, V sit holds.


4 rounds of full body super HIIT! Grab some light dumbbells and get ready for push presses, push ups, reverse lunges & jumping lunges. Focus on your technique in round 2 with bike crunches, Russian twists, 20 seconds on, 10 rest. Crank up the intensity dial with skipping, planks and high knees 45 on, 15 rest. With a tough round to finish off with box jumps and squat holds.


Learn the perfect technique for a range of glute exercises in this strength session with Steph & Danny. Get started with AMRAP and then move into a sweaty round of 50 seconds of work with 10 seconds rest. Get ready to feel your booty burn!

FRIDAY RECOVERY: Hip Flexor & Glute Release

Grab yourself a kettle bell and get ready to stretch out your lower body. This recovery session is great for runners as it releases your hip flexors.


We’ve curated four dietitian-approved meal plans to fuel each of you throughout the challenge. Choose from our regular, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan meal plans, you can download the PDF below or head in app to your planner to check out your delicious lineup of recipes. Remember this is only a guideline, this is your challenge so feel free to swap, tweak and adapt the menu to suit YOU!