February 18, 2022

KICFIT Challenge: Week4

It’s week 4, can you believe it? We’re officially over the half way mark!

We designed the KICFIT challenge to help you feel strong, happy and give you the opportunity to challenge yourself. We hope the last few weeks have helped to spur you on to develop a balanced, enjoyable and manageable workout routine that works for YOU. 

We hope you’re still feeling motivated and driven to complete the challenge, but if you’re feeling a little dip (which is COMPLETELY normal) we encourage you to remember you WHY. Ask yourself WHY you chose to take on the challenge. Reminding yourself of your WHY can be the little push you need to keep powering through to the end – you’ve got this!



MONDAY: Pump it with Steph

This strength session will PUSH you to your challenge zone. Full of a huge variety of movements this workout will keep you on your toes…literally. Get ready for your body to burn from your shoulders, to your legs, to your core – this is the ultimate full body strength session.

WEDNESDAY: Super Sweaty with Laura

Four super sweaty HIIT rounds. Smash your way through sprinter sit ups, high knees, kettle bell swings, hip thrusts, squat holds, push ups, box jumps and jumping lunges. If you don’t have a box, don’t sweat! You can opt for jumping squats.

FRIDAY: Upper Pump with Steph

It’s time to get your upper body pumping with push ups, planks, kettlebell rows and plenty of core work in this equipment-free session with Steph & Danny! This workout is all about perfecting your reps and technique to help you make the most out of each movement.


We’ve curated four dietitian-approved meal plans to fuel each of you throughout the challenge. Choose from our regular, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan meal plans, you can download the PDF below or head in app to your planner to check out your delicious lineup of recipes. Remember this is only a guideline, this is your challenge so feel free to swap, tweak and adapt the menu to suit YOU!