February 04, 2022

KICFIT Challenge: Week2

We hope you’ve loved the first week of the challenge and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store over the next 5 weeks! We’re excited to keep up the momentum together, feel the burn, and work up a sweat again in week 2. 

If you’re feeling a little sore or tired we’ve got you covered. This week you’ll find a recovery session scheduled for Friday targeting your hip flexors & glutes. The session will help give you a great release. Don’t shy away from completing it more than once throughout the week if needed!


MONDAY: Power Hustle with Laura

Only 8 exercises but trust us, you’ll need to hustle hard through this workout! 4 rounds, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeating each exercise 4 times.
Round 1: Jump squats & pulse squats.
Round 2: Bike crunch & Russian twists.
Round 3: Push ups & kettle bell swings.
Round 4: Burpees & half burpees.

WEDNESDAY: Cardio Party

Crank up the tunes, it’s time for a cardio party! 4 rounds, 2 exercises per round. Sweat your way through mountain climbers, bike crunches, burpees, pulse squats, medicine ball burpee and press, Russian, skipping doubles, kneeling lateral raises and planks!

FRIDAY: Abs of Steel with Steph

Brace your core, 4 rounds, let’s go! Round 1 involves weighted sit ups, crunches, bike crunches, toe touches & sprinter sit ups. Round 2 you’ll smash out heel taps, Russian twists, oblique crunches and mountain climbers. Round 3 get ready for lying leg raises, reverse crunches, alternating lying leg raises, jack-knives and knee tucks. Finish off round 4 with side planks, V-sits and mountain climbers.

FRIDAY RECOVERY: Hip Flexor & Glute Release with Steph

Grab yourself a kettle bell and get ready to stretch out your lower body. This recovery session is great for runners as it releases your hip flexors.


We’ve curated four dietitian-approved meal plans to fuel each of you throughout the next 6 weeks. Choose from our regular, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan meal plans, you can download the PDF below or head in app to your planner to check out your delicious lineup of recipes. Remember this is only a guideline, this is your challenge so feel free to swap, tweak and adapt the menu to suit YOU!