July 02, 2024

7 community members share how they’re Kic’ing the mid-year slump

Our mid-year challenge is in full swing and our community have been loving the challenge!

Whether you’re signed up to a ‘mid’ or ‘motivated’ challenge, it can be totally normal to be feeling a bit ‘meh’ this time of year. Whether it’s the weather throwing you out of whack, your social cal is in shambles or you’re just feeling funky, we totally hear you.

To help motivate you, here’s how seven community members are Kic’ing their mid-year slump:

“Mid year slump AND mid year exams for me (double whammy). I have been going for a walk every morning before I start my study, the route conveniently goes past my work (coffee cart), where I conveniently get a coffee for the last half of my walk (genius). Also, making sure I take little breaks each day and sit in the sun when it's out helps me. My hot water bottle is my best friend right now. But, I have a trip booked to Aus (cold but warmer than NZ right now) in July for a week! On a positive note, after these exams I will officially be halfway through my five year degree!! - Olivia”
“Give yourself grace to switch up your routine and move in a way that brings you joy - Alice”
“Organising to do some movement with a friend or doing a small, short workout helps me get back into the swing of things! - Lily”
“Routineeeee! Motivation will fade, and it’s going to be so much harder getting up in the mornings or so much easier to choose the couch and a blanket after work  but relying on consistency rather than motivation will be what’s important over winter - just showing up! And something that can be extra helpful for that is having an accountability buddy: meet a friend for a walk/run, or do your Kic workouts with a friend either IRL at the gym or FaceTime each other to do them together virtually  - Ashleigh”
“Warm food loaded with heaps of veg - it’s soup season! Kind grounded movement like yoga and pilates = rest and movement combined. Wrapping up in ALL the comfy layers! Continue seeking out connection with friends and planning for sunnier days ahead! - Bron ”
“This time of year I find it sooo hard to get out of bed and stay in routine. I like to get out my workout gear the night before so it’s ready to go for my morning workout or walk. - Bailey”
“I’m in running era but far out the mornings and nights are so dark! I’ve been taking my workout gear to the office so I can go for a run at lunch time, it’s the warmest time of the day too - win! Or I’ll run with my dog at night so I feel safer running in the dark. - Nicole”

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