June 05, 2024

Running not for you? Here’s other ways to raise that heart rate

Whilst it may feel like everyone you know is running at the moment, if you’ve given it a go and it’s simply not for you, that’s so okay!

At Kic, we love to encourage everyone to believe they can be a runner if they want to be, but if you’ve tried it and it doesn’t spark joy for you, there’s no need to keep doing it. Movement and exercise should be enjoyable, it should make you feel good.

So if you still want to get your heart rate going and break a little sweat, check out some of our faves in the Kic app if running’s not for you:

Dance Cardio with Kath

Class to try: Lower Body Dance Cardio

Join Kath and Laura and get ready to dance like no one’s watching. Combine your favourite dance cardio moves with fire hydrants, reverse lunges and lateral lunges to work that lower body and lift that heart rate.

Boxing with Ellice

Class to try: Total Body Fury

Get ready to feel the burn with this full body tabata style workout. Tabata is a HIIT workout that consists of eight sets of fast-paced exercises each performed for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest. 4 rounds with 4 exercises in each round, you’ve got this!

HIIT with Laura

Class to try: Motivation Mover

Join Steph and Laura for this quick 5-minute workout! Move through squats, abductions, and squat pulses in this session designed to ignite your motivation and leave you feeling proud for showing up.

Bootcamp with Leo

Class to try: Tabata Sweaty Sesh

Ready to Kic it with Steph & Leo, tabata style? Short sharp intervals that target all muscles groups. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest repeat the exercise 3 times before moving on to the next. After each round you have the option to turn up the intensity and listen in for Leo’s modifications. Let’s band together and smash out fire hydrants, kneeing to squat jumps, up downs & bicycle crunches!