May 28, 2024

We’ve been dreaming of this for nearly 10 years…

Kic started with a recipe e-book all the way back in 2015. It was a passion project to help make healthy eating more accessible for everyone!

At the time there was so much pressure and hype around organic foods and it felt like in order to eat healthy, it had to be expensive and complex. But we knew that didn’t have to be the case. From day dot our approach to healthy living has been simple and sustainable. Along the journey we dreamed about diving into ready made meals because it takes that ease and accessibility to a whole other level.

That’s why it’s such a ‘pinch us’ moment to have partnered with Dineamic. They’re so aligned with our values and there’s no one we’d trust more in bringing this dream of ours to life! Across the whole process, we went to Dineamic HQ, saw how the meals were made and we taste tested all the meals along the way. We were involved from beginning to end and these are meals we ACTUALLY love to eat!

From food to fitness, we’re all about helping our community build healthy habits – that you can actually stick with. And together with Dineamic, we’re making healthy eating even easier. Served in eco-friendly packaging, our ready made meals are good for you, and the environment.

We also love that Dineamic meals are packed full of quality Australian produce, each meal is made by hand, made from scratch. We couldn’t think of anything more aligned with our Kic mission.

Ready to dig in? Inspired by our trending Kic recipes, you’ll find six meals to choose from. But now they’re made for you, delivered to your door…

Ginger Lime Fish Curry with Broccoli & Brown Rice

Kic’s simple, warming curry that soothes the soul. It’s a light, fragrant bowl of feel-good fuel featuring a sustainably-fished Hoki fillet with nourishing brown rice and broccoli.

Free Range Tuscan Chicken with Broccoli & Pasta

Take your tastebuds on a trip to Tuscany with this rich, red, free-range chicken pasta. Warm your belly and fuel your body with this community-fave Kic dish.

Free Range Baked Chicken Enchilada with Tortillas

Turn any day into a feel-good enchilada fiesta with a touch of a button. There’s a reason this free-range cheesy chicken dish is trending, it tastes so damn good.

Free Range Chicken Pesto with Casarecce Pasta

What’s more effortless than Kic’s one-pot chicken pesto recipe? Their no-pot pesto that’s ready to go! With succulent free-range chicken and creamy pesto sauce, you’re guaranteed to feel-good.

Free Range Moroccan Chicken with Turmeric Rice & Currants

Are you hungry for a feel-good meal that’s dense in deliciousness? Try Kic’s winning one-pot Moroccan chicken served up with turmeric rice and currants—ready when you are.

Cashew Satay Udon Bowl with Tofu

Mushroom, firm tofu and sugar snap peas come tossed through a scrumptious cashew satay sauce on a bed of udon noodles. Give it a stir and dig in to this happy, hearty plant-based feed.

Want to know more about Dineamic? We asked their experts why you need their meals on your radar:

The meals are hand-made by your expert chefs. Can you tell us about the process?

Our kitchen probably doesn’t look like the average home kitchen, but the processes are actually very similar.

First, we source and receive top-quality ingredients from our close network of trusted suppliers.

Then each meal really has a unique process, but just like you would at home, we take the time to layer flavours in. It could be through scratch-making our pesto, dry-rubbing proteins before cooking or sauteing an aromatic vegetable base. With each dish, we build the flavours through specific preparations to enhance the taste. Basically, we do the extra work, so you don’t have to.

Crucially, we understand that ingredients can vary in taste throughout the seasons and from year to year. Our chefs make refinements and tweaks to ensure that every batch delivers on flavour.

Finally, our meals are assembled and sealed to maintain the ultimate flavour and freshness for our customers.

What does MADE HONEST mean to you?

Made Honest is more than a tagline—it’s our commitment to our community, our customers, our suppliers, and ourselves.

It’s reflected in the care we put into our recipes, the ingredients we select, cooking the sauces from scratch, and starting with the cleanest whole-food ingredients we can. It’s sourcing ethical proteins, carbon neutrality, and minimising our environmental impact. It’s genuinely doing things the right way, not the easy way, to deliver the highest quality and most delicious meals possible.

But more than that, it’s how we turn up, it’s how we work with each other and our supplier network, the partnerships we pursue, and the culture we create.

On our best days, Made Honest is about doing everything we can that’s good, and on our not-so-best days, it’s about practising empathy while still holding ourselves accountable.

How do you make your meals actually taste so damn good?

Customers often comment, “Wow, I didn’t know ready meals could taste like this, it’s just like my home cooking, which to us, is the ultimate compliment (our customers know and cook great food).

I’d love to say there’s a secret ingredient, or a hack that makes it easy, but at the end of the day, we’re just big believers in “you only get out, what you put in”.

We take the best ingredients, prepare them with passion and care, perfectly seal them into sustainable packs, and speedily send them out fresh to our customers.

Being able to draw on the Kic community’s favourite recipes has certainly helped with these first six meals in the partnership, and we can’t wait to get back into the kitchen to work on more.