May 17, 2023

It’s official, we are Kic!

Steph and I started Keep it Cleaner as a recipe e-book in 2015. We were on a small but mighty mission to make healthy eating easier, and never could’ve dreamed for it to grow into the empowering holistic wellness company we have become.

Nearly a decade later, we’ve come a long way as a brand, and a society. Recognising the stigma with ‘clean’ eating, we already evolved from Keep it Clean to Keep it Cleaner back in 2016.

From day dot we have always been about embracing balance, not restriction. But toxic diet culture still exists – so we knew we needed to be louder to cut through the noise.

We get it, we own it. We learn, we evolve. We’re growing up and moving away from ‘Keep it Cleaner’, and now it’s official. We are on a mission. We are Kic.

Kic is playful and proud, simple yet bold – just like our approach to healthy living. What we stand for isn’t in our letters, it’s in our confidence to be the most inclusive and sustainable wellness community on the planet.

There’s no doubt ‘mission’ has come up a lot in this. But that’s because we’re committed to being champions of change. Your stories, your experiences, your journeys, is what makes Kic. We’ll continue to connect with you, share your stories, grow our community and prioritise inclusivity.

Kic the Rules

It’s hard to put into words how special the day of our relaunch was. There were so many moments when I stopped and looked to see the community around us, I just wanted to burst into tears with how grateful I was.

To think what started on the floor of Steph’s kitchen could have become what it is today is truly surreal. To have dropped a huge mirror on Bondi Beach representing who we are, and to hear hundreds of stories of how Kic has made an impact and changed people’s lives honestly felt like a dream.

To our community, there is no Kic without you. You are Kic, and we are so grateful for giving us the opportunity to do what we do, and have made Kic what it is today. Thank you for being by our side as we continue to champion our mission and evolve.

And to our Kic team, who are the backbone of all that we do. So much time and love has gone into the evolution of Kic, and it was only possible because of each and every one of you.

Our name change means a lot. It’s a moment for us to be bolder and lean into the WHY behind what we do. We exist to help change the relationship people have with wellness and themselves.

So, let’s Kic the rules, Kic goals and Kic diet culture in the butt, together x

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Laura Henshaw