March 01, 2023

How to help combat anxiety, stress and overwhelm

It’s known as ‘Mad March’ for a reason – because there is A LOT happening! A lot of brands and businesses tend to activate around this time of year – from International Women’s Day, to the Grand Prix in Melbourne and various Food & Wine celebrations and festivals around the country – many of us are scrambling to get our ducks in row for a busy month ahead (yep, Feb is already a wrap!) and that all-too familiar feeling of overwhelm has a tendency to creep up on us.

Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, regardless of whether it’s at work or home, is a tough place to be in, that’s why we’re here to help.

There’s a lot of ways out there to help combat feelings of stress and overwhelm, many of them revolving around healthy and balanced meals, exercise and practicing mindfulness, all of which are anchored into everything we stand for at KIC!

But what if there was a not-so obvious way to help squash stress and anxiety, that combines both movement and mindfulness?

Enter: Mind & Body Pilates – the ultimate self-care movement that honours our bodies, promotes self-love and focuses on the mind and body connection, helping to break down the common barriers that can restrict our potential in leading a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

This brand new workout type, led by our expert trainer Christina, is available now, in lieu of International Women’s Day.

Mind & Body Pilates goes beyond just physical strength – during these Masterclasses, Christina combines familiar Pilates movements while teaching us how to let go of expectations, to believe in ourselves, focus on the present, practice gratitude and so much more. Christina begins each Masterclass with setting an intention or sharing a powerful affirmation to help you connect with your mind and move with purpose, helping us to feel more present and empowered on the mat.

Mind & Body Pilates launches in the KIC app on Monday the 6th of March. You can expect 12 new workouts, 5 to 20 minutes in duration that will help you to manage everyday stress, look after your wellbeing and feel more confident in your mind and body.

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