December 10, 2021

Here’s what it feels like to run 5km

With the launch of our KICRUN Club Challenge launching this week, we find out what our community have said about running and what it’s like to complete an 8 Week Challenge!

Whether you were new to running, wanting to improve your running/cardiovascular fitness or returning to running post-injury or pregnancy, we hope that you got to experience that famous ‘runner’s high’ and proved to yourself that you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to!

It was so heartwarming to hear that while using KICRUN, 92.1% of you said that running makes you feel empowered and strong. This is what it is all about, and if you don’t believe us, here’s what some of our incredible community had to say.

Kate Pollard

“Just proved to myself that I AM A RUNNER and I CAN DO THIS! Thank you so much Laura and Steph, the KIC Run program has helped me so much with my confidence and my belief in myself and what I can do. Can't believe I have completed it! To everyone completing week 8 this week, you are fabulous and I am so proud of us all.”

Kayla Craddock

“HAPPY FRIDAY KIC FAM! Just completed the final run of the 8 week program !! Can't believe how quick that 8 weeks went! Also cannot believe I actually ran 5km non stop this morning and LOVED every minute of it!! Thank you Laura for all your words of wisdom throughout the whole program. I can happily say (with a lot more confidence than week 1) “I am a Runner”. Virtual high fives & good vibes to everyone completing the program! And to the whole KIC fam). And if you're not sure about starting the run program my advice is to just give it a go because you might surprise yourself and really really enjoy it. You'll never know if you don't try.”

Megan Rose

“5KM DONE! I AM A RUNNER!!! I have to say I was VERY sceptical that I'd finish todays run but I just told myself I could do it the whole time and had Laura's voice in my ear and got it DONE! Can't wait for 10km!”

Kate Adkins

“Yay 8 weeks done and dusted. It feels absolutely amazing! At the start of the program I wondered how I'd get to week 8! Week 5 and 6 still felt hard. For me it was week 7 when it all clicked and I was feeling great on my runs. Time hasn't been the focus, just getting through each run was the goal. Now it is time for some new running goals and that is so exciting. For anyone thinking about starting the run program, you won't regret it, it's awesome! Thank you so much Laura Henshaw, Stephanie Miller and the KIC SQUAD and team for always challenging and motivating us, forever grateful xx”

“Week 8 Run 3, 5km complete! Can't believe I actually did this, what an amazing feeling! 10km next :)”

P.s. If you’ve finished the KICRUN program and are feeling a little lost on what to do next, make sure you check out the blog linked below!