July 28, 2023

Get to know your gym equipment

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Imagine stepping into the gym with confidence, knowing exactly how to navigate through the overwhelming rows of machines and weights…

With Lift, our brand new gym program, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to navigate yourself throughout the gym.

In this blog, we’re breaking down the equipment you’ll be using throughout the program.

1. Barbell

Say ‘hello’ to the barbell. Pick up one of these bad boys and unlock your true strength potential. We’ve incorporated a number of barbell exercises into the Lift program, like squats, deadlifts overhead press, barbell rows and more!

2. Leg Press

The leg press is there to help you build your lower body strength, develop muscle mass, improve bone density, and enhance your overall leg power. Stack as little or as many weights on as you like, the leg press is completely adjustable for all resistance levels. 

3. Pull up bar

A simple yet versatile machine, designed to help build your upper body strength. Lift will help you conquer the pull up bar. 

4. Bench

When you think of a well-equipped gym, one piece of equipment that immediately comes to mind is the bench. The bench is a versatile and fundamental piece of equipment that offers countless exercise options to target various muscle groups and achieve a well-rounded fitness routine.

5. Dip Bar

The dip bar is a must-have for any gym enthusiast looking to enhance their upper body strength! The dip bar enables you to perform a range of exercises targeting the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles.

6. Landmine

If you’re thinking what the hell is the landmine? We don’t blame you! It’s essentially a barbell inserted into a pivoting sleeve or base, which allows for dynamic rotational and pressing movements.

With the landmine, you can perform exercises like landmine presses, rows, squats, lunges, and various core exercises, providing a unique and effective way to challenge your muscles and improve overall strength, stability, and functional fitness.

7. Trap Bar

The trap bar is designed for performing various exercises with a focus on lower body and posterior chain development. With its centre of gravity aligned with your body’s midline, the trap bar is particularly useful for exercises such as deadlifts, which target the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back.

It provides an accessible alternative to traditional barbell deadlifts, making it an excellent choice for lifters of all levels to build strength, power and muscle in the lower body.

8. Cage

Introducing your ultimate training companion at the gym.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, the gym cage is a game-changer for your training routine. Its versatility, safety features, and ability to support a wide range of exercises make it an indispensable piece of equipment.

9. Leg Extension Machine

Embrace the leg extension machine and get ready to  develop powerful leg muscles. Improve your quad and hamstring strength, enhance muscular endurance, and increase stability in the knee joint, through exercises such as leg extensions or hamstring curls.

Having strong quads are essential for functional movements like walking, running, and jumping. The leg extension machine gets a big tick from us! 

10. Cable Machine

This dynamic machine consists of adjustable pulleys, cables, and various attachments, allowing you to target multiple muscle groups from different angles and planes of movement.

From strength training to functional workouts, the cable machine is a game-changer for achieving your fitness goals. With its adjustable pulley heights and a wide range of attachments, you can perform an extensive array of exercises. From cable chest presses and rows to cable curls and tricep pushdowns, the cable machine engages your muscles in so many unique ways! 

Get ready to Lift your limits. Available in app from Sunday, 30th July. Start your 7 day free trial & sign up today!