March 06, 2024

Episode #309: Only 20% of women invest. Here’s why you shouldn’t be scared of it, with Girls That Invest founder Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur’s mission is to put money into the hands of women through investing.

Most of us haven’t been taught about investing. If you haven’t, you might think it’s too hard, or too risky, or our parents told us to save our money so that’s what we’ve always done. This means that only 15-20% of women invest worldwide and in Australia only 42% of women invest compared to 58% of men, citing affordability as their main barrier to investing (according to ASX Australian Investor Study).

Simran is here to change that. She is the founder of Girls That Invest: a multi-million-dollar money media company with the #1 investing podcast for women where she breaks down the intimating world of investing and growing wealth, minus the jargon.

In this episode, Sim joins Steph & Laura from New Zealand to walk us through investing for a first timer: the difference in returns between saving vs investing, the different places you can invest, how long you need to keep your money in each investment, and the risk profile for each, why investing even a small amount is better than nothing, and how to get started if you truly feel like you know nothing.

The advice in this episode is not personalised investing advice and is educational in nature. Remember to do your research and speak to a financial advisor for your personal situation. 


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