March 04, 2024

Episode #308: Steph’s oldest friend reveals what they did when they were teenagers

We share a lot on this podcast. But even after so many years of friendship, there are still stories we’ve never told each other…and stories we’ve forgotten that our friends and family would love to remind us of. So in today’s podcast we call Steph’s oldest friend Martha to find out what Steph did at a sleepover in year eight.

And Laura reflects on decision making, doing the “right” thing, and worrying about what people will think, as she unpacks two parts of the Mel Robbins’ podcast episode with Steven Bartlett that she recommended last week. 

If you’re making a big decision – this is the pump up you’re looking for!


  • Steph: ‘3 Ways to Build Inner Confidence & Learn to Trust Yourself Instead of Comparing Yourself to Others’ from On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  • Laura: your Relaxing Yoga Mix on Spotify. Search ‘relaxing yoga mix’ and look for the playlist from Spotify
  • If you want to hear the last time Martha threw Steph under the bus, search for the episode “Omg mum found the sexy nurse outfit!”


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