February 19, 2024

Episode #304: If you’re married and having sex in the kitchen – good for you!

Tell us you’re married without telling us you’re married. In a recent wardrobe clean out, Laura discovered an old drawer of sexy underwear (aka: barely there lace underwear that would give you thrush by looking at it) and realised she’s happy to never wear it again. If you’re in a long term relationship and you’re getting dressed up or having sex anywhere that’s not a bed with sheets on it – good for you!

Then we open the KICMAIL Box and hear what you think of our book reccos, pelvic pain and break up stories, and how you’re smashing the Kic run program.

And we introduce a new NICHE segment. If you have cracked heels, this one’s for you. Check out Power Podiatry if you’re interested: https://www.powerpodiatrybrighton.com.au/contact 



It’s not too late to join our STAX. Core Challenge! It’s just three short and spicy 5-10 minute core workouts each week. Unlock the challenge with a 7-day free trial of the Kic app today! 


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