February 14, 2024

Episode #303: An honest catch up with Josh Miller

How do you find time for each other? What’s the hardest part of parenting right now? Why do people assume your marriage is on the rocks? It’s been a while since Steph’s husband, Josh, was on KICBUMP so he came into the studio for an honest chat about all the things you want to know: parenting, relationships, and whether or not Steph and Josh will ever do another 30 day intimacy challenge. Plus a Harvey update on his day care and sleep.

If you missed the episode about Steph & Josh’s intimacy challenge, check it out here: https://podcasts.apple.com/my/podcast/all-the-juicy-details-of-steph-joshs-intimacy-challenge/id1457667995?i=1000577815788&l=ms

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