January 24, 2024

Episode #297: “I’m so happy my thighs touch” – why @maymah.lifts celebrates going up a size

You can’t be what you can’t see. So Maymah became the athlete she never saw growing up.

Maymah started going to the gym because she was bored waiting to start university. But then she fell in love with it. It empowered her to rebuild her relationship with food and movement after years spent battling anorexia. Now she’s a Gymshark athlete.

In this special KICPOD UK episode, Maymah speaks with Steph & Laura about her eating disorder and how a crisis meeting with her school and mum brought her out of it, the anxiety she felt stepping into a gym wearing a headscarf for the first time, how she trains during Ramadan when she can’t eat or drink between sunrise and sunset, and becoming a role model for Muslim women in fitness.


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