November 15, 2023

Episode #284: Think manifesting isn’t for you? These 7 steps will change your mind, with Roxie Nafousi

Roxie Nafousi is a self-development coach and bestselling author of ‘Manifest’ and ‘Manifest For Kids’. In 2018, Roxie hit rock bottom after a years-long on/off relationship with drugs. So when a friend recommended she listen to a podcast about manifesting, she had nothing to lose. The podcast, and manifesting, ended up changing her life. Now Roxie supports other people to change their own lives through manifesting in 7 straightforward steps.

In this chat Roxie shares about her journey to manifesting via years of drugs, eating disorders & low self-confidence and the 7 steps she uses to practice and teach manifesting. You’re gonna want a pen and paper for this one because it’s jam packed with practical tips for how we can all start manifesting right now.

Check out Roxie’s books Manifest and Manifest For Kids:


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