November 13, 2023

Episode #283: “My boyfriend is insecure and makes me doubt myself. What should I do?”

Today we open the Kic mail box and hear from YOU: what did your boyfriend’s mum do with your stuff? Are the scales in shopping centres deliberately placed outside women’s bathrooms? And we answer your D&M: “I love my boyfriend but his insecurities make me doubt myself and question if I deserve any better. Should I break up with him?”

And Laura shares about posting her daily schedule on Instagram and trying to find the balance between work and looking after herself.


  • Laura: salt & vinegar crinkle cut chips
  • Steph: wearing a ribbon in your hair (but don’t buy it from Asos!)


Five brand new Barre Pilates masterclasses with Kika are available in app from today!  And this is the last week of the KICRUN Club. Finish off strong! No matter where you are in your running journey, we’re so proud of everyone for getting out there and running your way. 

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