August 09, 2023

Episode #257: Woody Whitelaw on friendship, mental health and surprisingly… gut health!

You’ve either heard Woody Whitelaw on his national drive radio show ‘Will & Woody‘, or perhaps you’ve seen him on TV on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia or I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

What makes Woody so unique is that he manages to be hilarious and witty (eg asking Steph about her bowel movements and suggesting to coach her while she’s on the loo), all while showing an incredibly vulnerable side, being extremely open and generous about his experiences with mental health, his relationships and work life.

His other half, Will, was on the podcast not too long ago where he was also very open about his mental health and coping with depression (you can listen to that ep here), and in today’s episode Woody speaks about how they navigate their friendship, how to be a lifeboat for those you love but also lean on them in times of need, and why having difficult conversations can be the best thing you can do. Among this chat, Steph and Laura share a recent hard conversation between the two of them that their husbands Josh and Dalton suggested they have.