July 26, 2023

Episode #253: Pelvic floor dysfunction & Steph’s bladder prolapse – KICBUMP with Rachel Fitt

Pelvic floor dysfunction is super common, particularly during your childbearing years. But just because it’s common, it doesn’t mean we should do nothing about it! Rachel Fitt is a Melbourne based Pelvic Floor & Continence Physiotherapist (and Steph’s physio actually), and in today’s KICBUMP episode she explains the importance of looking after your pelvic floor, and what to do if you suspect something is not right.

Steph also shares her own experience of having a bladder prolapse after giving birth to her son Harvey, and asks Rachel what would have happened if she ignored the symptoms and not have gone for an appointment. Rachel also explains why you should take extra care getting back into exercise after birth, and takes us through some of the strengthening exercises during the podcast. Put it this way, you won’t be able to listen to today’s episode without squeezing your anus!