May 31, 2023

Episode #237: Dating men vs women & exploring your sexuality, with Maria Thattil

Maria Thattil joins us for the second time on KICPOD (listen to her first ep here) and this time things get juicy!

Maria is many things – an opinion writer, speaker, TV personality, diversity activist, digital creator, and former Miss Universe Australia. But above all else, she is 100% unapologetically herself, and paves the way for so many young people to feel comfortable and confident to explore their own identity.

After being crowned Miss Universe Australia in 2020, she spent some time in the African jungle on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here where she came out as bisexual on national television. A year and a half on, Maria isn’t afraid to share the intimate and personal details of her sex life – and today’s episode is no exception! So what is the difference between dating men vs dating women? How did she even know what to do the first time? And what does she say to certain homophobic family members who hear her speak so openly about these topics? All is revealed in this ep, along with so many take away moments.

Be sure to check out Maria’s book ‘Unbounded‘, and her recent episode on the Audible podcast Power Talks.