May 24, 2023

Episode #235: Raising your child to be empowered by their disability – KICBUMP with Hannah Vasicek

*TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses abortion. For support, contact Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636*

If you’ve been a KICPOD listener for a while, you may have heard the unbelievable story of two sisters Rachel & Hannah who escaped attempted human trafficking back in 2016. In today’s KICBUMP episode, Hannah shares her incredible story of how her frightening pregnancy diagnoses ended up giving her the beautiful gift of her now 3 year old daughter Vienna.

During her pregnancy, Hannah’s baby was diagnosed with Amniotic Band Sydnrome, and despite doctors suggesting multiple times that she shouldn’t follow through with the pregnancy, Hannah stuck to what she knew was right. In this episode, she speaks about what it was like hearing the news that her baby would be born without her right arm, how she came to the decision to go ahead with her pregnancy, and how she wants to raise her daughter to feel empowered rather than limited by her disability.