May 08, 2023

Episode #230: Steph’s “one specific position” revealed!!

* TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses disordered eating. If you need support you can contact The Butterfly Foundation on 1800 ED HOPE *

In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, they revisit last week’s topic of toxic wellness rules that many of us once lived by, and one particular extremely restrictive rule was sadly one of the most common ones sent in, so the girls find out the dangers involved and ways to have a more balanced approach to eating. For more info, you can read some of Liv’s advice in this KIC blog post.

On a much different note, they also revisit a little something Steph revealed in a recent episode titled ‘Some extremely personal details about our sex lives, with Rachel Baker’ where she said there’s ‘one specific position’ that is…. the most enjoyable. Today, we find out what position that is! We also hear some insane nightmare neighbour stories. Buckle in, today’s ep is a wild ride!



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