April 26, 2023

Episode #227: A home birth with no midwives! KICBUMP with Tracey Beswick

Steph became friends with Tracey through their mother’s group – you may remember her from a previous KICBUMP episode titled “Postpartum, poop and prams” with another friend  Emma. In today’s episode, Steph wanted to chat to Tracey about something that almost none of us have experienced but so many of us are curious about or at the very least fascinated by – home births.

Tracey’s story is just incredible. She birthed her 4 month old son Airlie at home (which was planned), but without any midwives present (which was definitely unplanned)! Hear how she educated herself on home births, what she equipped herself with in the lead up, how she attained her midwives and her advice for any mums looking at this as an option for their birth plan.

And on another note, we love hearing your ‘Toddler Tantrum Tales’! If your toddler has cracked it over something hilarious (like not being allowed to eat the dog food or crying over some broken eggs that they sat on) please send yours in to us @kicpod on Instagram. Voice notes and written messages welcome! 

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