March 29, 2023

Episode #219: Trusting western medicine when birth doesn’t go to plan – KICBUMP with Mel Wells

Today’s KICBUMP episode kicks off with a Harvey update from Steph, where you will not BELIEVE what he was holding in his hand. It left producer Mandy gobsmacked and Steph face palming!

We then hear from the amazing Mel Wells – an Embodied Leadership and Intimacy Coach trained in Holistic Sex, Love and Relationships, Eating Psychology and Holistic Health.

When pregnant with her now 7 month old baby Sky, Mel’s plan was to have a home birth with no intervention. But when he arrived at just 30 weeks, Mel’s plan had to quickly pivot to something she initially wanted to avoid completely. In today’s episode, she explains how giving birth means surrendering completely and trusting western medicine even when it may not always be your first preference.

She also shares her wisdom about the importance of sex and intimacy in a relationship when becoming a parent.

Check out Mel’s book ‘The Goddess Revolution; Make Peace with Food, Love your Body, Reclaim Your Life‘ and her podcast ‘Love, Sex & Magic

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