March 27, 2023

Episode #218: The ridiculous contradicting rules for women

In Steph and Laura’s catch up today, they discuss the insane societal pressures placed on women and how contradictory a lot of the messaging is, they share stories of when they’ve spotted famous people in the wild (and you’ll hear why Steph has never lived down her first encounter with Andy Lee), plus we gave the TikTok #SpillTheTea challenge a go where the entire studio may or may not have ended up covered in tea!!


Laura – Ted Lasso, Season 3 – Apple TV series

Steph – The Imperfects episode ‘Chrissie Swan – Honesty’


Our KICRUN Club is back and starts today! There are now 3 distances you can choose from – 5km, 10km or our brand new 10-21km program. If you have any questions about the recent updates to KICRUN, we have an explainer blog post at