December 07, 2022

Episode #191: A topic too many people avoid, with Tarang Chawla

Tarang Chawla is an Indian born Australian writer, lawyer, activist, and host of Future Women’s Podcast ‘There’s No Place Like Home’. He became an activist against men’s violence after the tragic murder of his sister Nikita Chawla in 2015, and has told his story on KICPOD before, speaking about the raw reality of domestic abuse and family violence. You can hear that episode here.

Today, Tarang addresses an issue that is sadly still very prevalent even in 2022; racism in Australia. If talking about racism makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re not alone. The reason a lot of us shy away from this topic is because although we have the best intentions, we are fearful of saying the wrong thing. Conversations like today’s episode are so important to help educate us on the right questions that we need to be asking, and the right responses to have when the topic is brought up.