November 22, 2022

Episode #187: “Um, boys at the back!!” TikTok star Millie Ford on her creative process

Our KICPOD guest today makes us laugh every night when we’re scrolling through TikTok, and we’re sure her 1.4M followers would agree! Millie Ford is best known for her viral videos imitating different Aussie characters such as the high school teacher, the mum of teenagers, the JB Hi-Fi shop assistant and a heap more.

In today’s ep, Millie shares with us how her TikTok career all came about, what her creative process is, how she navigates the pressure to always live up to the last video, and even gives us an improv performance as one of her most-loved characters!

For more of Millie’s content, follow her on TikTok @millie and check out her podcast “Out Of Character with Millie”.