November 07, 2022

Episode #182: Our body counts revealed! 🤭 Tabloid websites, eat your heart out.

In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, we find out from Mamamia the real statistics of how often people are doing the deed (as opposed to what they tell you), we get an update on how things are for Steph & her husband Josh now that it’s been 2 months since their intimacy challenge, and we learn what Steph & Laura’s body count is 🤭!

Plus, we hear some wild stories of what people have witnessed on planes, and we get to the bottom of whether ‘man flu’ is actually a real thing.. ie are men biologically more affected by cold/flu symptoms than women. 

Laura – Dare to Lead podcast by Brené Brown, episode with Adam Grant & Simon Sinek
Steph – Taylor Swifts new album ‘Midnights’

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