September 07, 2022

Episode #166: Laura & Dalton’s couples therapy session!

Last week Steph & her husband Josh revealed all of the very intimate and personal details of their relationship, so it’s only fair that this week Laura and her husband Dalton are put in the hot seat!

Of course they will address the 30 day intimacy challenge and whether they’ll be taking part or not, and we also learn about what they have to sacrifice in their relationship, how they handle disagreements and what it’s like both being CEOs of their companies.

It wasn’t meant to be a couples therapy session, but it sure turned out to be!

Dalton Henshaw

Steph – The Girl Who Fell From the Sky; book by Emma Carey (you can also listen to her KICPOD episode here)
Laura – Speedy Pilates Pump; KIC Pilates Class with trainer Christina

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