June 01, 2022

Episode #151: Staying motivated & combatting winter blues with psychologist Bec

Winter is upon us and so this week Steph and Laura chatted to psychologist Bec McWilliam all about ‘winter blues’ and how seasonal changes impact our mood.

In this episode Bec enlightens us why our serotonin and melatonin levels take a hit during winter and how we can combat and be more adaptive to the weather changing. In addition Bec shares the importance of honing in and reflecting on our values in order to make the best possible decisions for our wellbeing and our goals.

We hope this chat reminds you to be kind to yourself during the winter months and to know that it’s normal to feel a little down when there’s less sunshine.

If you’re looking to reflect on your values, you can find Bec’s Value Exploration Worksheet here.

Bec McWilliam 

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