November 25, 2021

An update on Steph Claire Smith’s KICRUN Journey

Steph’s always had a love-hate relationship with running, but since starting KICRUN she’s learnt the importance of slowing down and not comparing her pace or distance to anyone else! 

How are you finding the KICRUN program on your postpartum fitness journey?

I absolutely love it! Iím finding that the runs are still challenging me, so I havenít been pushing myself to do much other than a Pilates or yoga flow outside of the KICRUN program. Iím so excited to get to the point where the runs arenít as challenging so I can include more of our KIC HIIT workouts in my routine. 

We were shooting KIC workouts for a whole week, so I had to put a pause on the program, but I was happy to see that when I got back into it I could comfortably pick up where I left off, which is a great feeling! 

Community is a massive motivator, itís incredible to see everyoneís confidence and fitness enhance as they progress through the program. Thereís honestly no better motivation than seeing their posts in our Facebook community, itís the biggest inspiration! 

Have you noticed a change in your confidence?

For sure! I find that Iím not comparing my runs to anyone else anymore. Iím on my own journey, focusing on following Lauraís voice, one run at a time.

How do you feel about running now, in comparison to before you started KICRUN?

To be completely honest, itís still not my favourite exercise, but KICRUN has definitely helped me build a better relationship with running. Because the program is forcing me to pace myself, Iím finding that I can get to the end of a run without feeling absolutely defeated. Which means Iím so much more motivated to get back out there and run.

Do you still experience negative thoughts or feelings of overwhelm, if so, how do you cope with this?

I actually donít! Which is such an incredible shift. Iím just focusing on my goal,  slowly making my way through the program to run 5km straight!

How does the idea of running 5km sit with you?

Iím really excited, but I donít want to rush it. The 5km mark is seeming more and more achievable now, which is definitely a testament to the KICRUN program. If youíd asked me 8 weeks ago I wouldíve been full of self-doubt, but now I truly am excited for that moment!

Have you been able to establish a good routine with work, Harvey & KICRUN?

To be honest, Iíve actually struggled to find a good routine with KICRUN. With Harvey, every run has to be scheduled in, thereís no spontaneity. Itís not like a KIC Pilates or yoga flow, where I can smash out a session when Harvey is asleep or on his play mat beside me, Josh needs to be home to look after him. Itís seriously making me consider a jogging pram, haha it would definitely come in handy!

What workouts have you been doing alongside KICRUN to enhance your strength and support your training?

Iíve been loving Pilates & yoga – in particular ĎDrishti Point of Focusí – which is a hip opening yoga flow with Jamie.

Steph Claire Smith