October 11, 2023

Need a quickie? Here’s 5 workouts you need to try

Life is busy, we get it! The modern day “busy girl” is juggling work, family, and social commitments which sometimes doesn’t leave enough time for a good sweat…oh the horror!

But fear not – Kic has got you covered with 5-15 minute workouts that you can fit into your busy schedule that will leave you feeling stronger and of course sweatier! Don’t know where to start? Here are 5 fun and dynamic workouts to feel the burn without sacrificing precious time.

Pilates Leg Challenge, KIKA, 10 Mins

Let’s work those legs! 10 minutes is all you need to smash out squats, reverse lunges, banded kickbacks and bridges to the ultimate leg burn with Kika. Missing a band? You can do it without. Warning – you may be crawling back to your desk.

Super Arm Series, BROOKE, 5 Mins

It can take only 5 mins to feel the burn…trust us! Grab some heavy dumbbells and get ready as Brooke powers you through a range of exercises that will fire up those arms. This 5 minute sculpt will strengthen your arms and leave you feeling ready to conquer the day.

Bodyweight Box Blaster, SAMI 15 Mins

Ready to push it? Join Sami for a bodyweight blaster as you target that upper body and core in just 15 minutes. Perfect for in between meetings or right before dinner with the girlies! No equipment needed other than a bench/couch!

Abs n Arms, KATH, 15 Mins

Need to spice up your day? This Abs n Arms dance cardio workout with Kath is sure to bring on the burn as you groove through a series of upper body and core powering moves. This 15 minute session is sure to get your endorphins buzzing for the rest of the day.


Inner Thigh & Glute Fire, LEO, 15 Mins

Wake up those legs in just 15 minutes! This flow will target your glutes, hamstrings and quads through a series of exercises that will get those muscles working. Leo is here to help you strengthen and SWEAT!