May 15, 2024

18 tips for beginners!

Think back to when you tried something new…

Rolling out your mat for the first time, running your first 1km, or trying to use a bench press for the first time, can all be super daunting when it’s the first time.

Whatever it may be, sometimes we focus a lot on celebrating the finish line, but the hardest part is getting started.

We wanted to hear from you, our community, about what piece of advice you wish you could go back and tell yourself as a beginner? Or what advice do you have for our newbies in the Kic community who might just be getting started?

Here’s what some of our amazing community had to share:

“Enjoy the process of learning new exercises and using equipment and also always find gratitude for what your body can do, even if it’s just a start - Meg ”
“Before you start running, get fitted for proper running shoes. - Vicki ”
“Be kind to yourself, everyone was a beginner once too! Focus on just showing up, being consistent and remember that moving your body is a privilege. You're doing amazing sweetie - Lynette”
“Yoga is not about being flexible. There's no such thing as being 'good at yoga'. It's a practice for the body and soul. - Vicki”
“Doing hard things and giving up doesn’t make you weak or any less than you are. Doing hard things makes you stronger trying is always the first step it might be the scariest and most daunting but you will always feel better by taking it - Alicia ”
“Enjoy moving your body, whatever that movement is. Be grateful and thankful for what your body can do. Don’t be hard on yourself. Celebrate the small wins and be proud of yourself - Pauline”
“It’s more than okay to modify exercises as much as you need to! - Rachael ”
“Focus on progress not perfection - Jen ”
“Just before my running journey & before the pandemic, I was working as an educator for a Before and After School Care program & often played hide and seek or gang up tiggy with the kids. I would run around the playground and around local school grounds and kids would chase me up & down. It was so fun and I didn't think of it but it was running and I loved it. It gave me a feel good feeling and that's partial to the reason I started running. Being in nature & running around others gave me a push. Now it's running, getting a coffee, running, getting a sandwich - Lauz”
“All it takes is little and often to create a balanced routine where you can learn to love exercising! - Freya”
“I remember starting my journey with Kic many years ago, my bit of advice is try and own it, be scared that you will be out of your comfort zone, be vulnerable because it’s something new. Own those feeling and move forward, bit by bit, at the start something forward is all you need. Be consistent and your future self will thank you for it! - Lauren ”
“Fall in love with surprising yourself. Keep working at things, keep showing up for yourself, and you will find yourself doing things you would have never imagined yourself capable of! You got this xoxo - Sarah ”
“You don’t have to be perfect to start! You don’t have to get through the whole workout without stopping, you don’t have to know how to do all the exercises or have all the right equipment. We all have to start somewhere - Demi”
“Don't beat yourself up if you miss a session every now and again. Consistency is a skill you can build up over time, you're human and life can be busy and overwhelming. Be kind to yourself - Sophie ”
“Choosing to move your body is a massive win! Celebrate starting. Every little bit counts and adds up. Learn about your body and movement along the journey. Most importantly make sure that whatever workout style you choose to move your body in makes you happy and feels good for you - Bron”
“No one is watching you they're too occupied with what they're doing and it's okay to be a beginner. Everyone has to start somewhere. - Stef ”
“Health has no finish line, it looks different at different stages of your life and exercise is for life so enjoy it! - Susannah ”
“My advice is that everyone was a beginner at some point and had the same fears as you starting out their journey - Steph ”

Are you a beginner looking to start your health and wellness journey?

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