October 04, 2023

10 trending workouts you NEED to try

Looking for inspo for your next workout? We have got you covered. Here are our top 10 masterclasses that are sure to make you feel the burn – anytime, anywhere.

Our enthusiastic trainers will guide you through the workouts and even give you that extra boost of motivation. Whether you need a quick 5-minute arm burn or a total body sweat – follow along and I’ll give you our top 10 picks.

10. Core Barre Sweat

It’s time to get sweaty with Kika! Get those abs working as you move through a series of core burning exercises that are sure to get a drip or two of sweat rolling. 15 minutes is all you need to feel that burn baby burn!

9. Spicy Hybrid Strength Supersets

Short on time? This quick (but effective) 10 minute dumbbell upper body workout packs a punch with hybrid exercises that combine some of your favourites you know and love! Follow Sami along as she takes you through some spicy combos that target your upper body with a little abs too!

8. Kettlebell Booty Killer

Fire up that booty with this 10 minute killer kettlebell workout. Sami will guide you through a series of lower body movements that will get those muscles working. With Deadlifts, Split Squats, Lunges and more, you’ll definitely be feeling this one!


7. Lower Body Energiser

This lower body flow with Christina will encourage you to redirect your focus from the burn, and instead pay attention to your form and the way your body is moving. These 10 minutes will allow you to stay present and achieve that mind-body connection, which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day.  


6. Arm & Ab Blitz

Power yourself through this arm and core burner with Danny. This 20-minute strength session will put those muscles to the test as you are guided through a series of upper body and core exercises that are sure to fire up those arms and abs. 


5. Dumbbells, Legs, LEGO

Ready to push that peach and strengthen those legs? Follow Sami along a fun 30 minute lower body workout using dumbbells and the option to add a booty band for that extra burn. Your legs will definitely feel the burn so maybe avoid those stairs…

4. Upper Body Spice

Get strong with Sami as your upper body feels the burn. This spicy 30 minute workout will challenge your strength with static holds throughout the workout – one arm will be moving, while the other is in a static hold…Try It out if you’re up for the challenge! 


3. Beginner Abs

It’s time to work that core with this 5-minute ab burner. Our coach Kika will guide and motivate you through this workout series as you power through core challenging sequences that will work the upper, lower and sides of your abs. 


2. Barre Arms

Ready to feel the burn in those arms? This 5 minute burn guided by Kika will challenge your strength with lateral raises, bicep curls, tricep extensions and shoulder presses. No dumbbells, no problem! Grab two full drink bottles or tin cans. 


1. Total Body, Total Hottie

There’s a reason this workout has been number 1 for weeks… It’s the ultimate 20-minute full body session. Guided by our body confidence coach, Sami, we know you’ll feel stronger in both your body and mind after this strength masterclass.